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About us


Shanghai GodPharm Co. Ltd. , originally named as Great Orient BioChem Co. Ltd. , was established in 1998. With Research & Development as its prime fundamental,GodPharm focussed on developing new processes for the production of Active Pharma Ingredients (APIs) & Intermediates. The company in a matter of short time expanded its breadth of operations to provide complete turnkey solutions to the domestic China pharmaceutical industry.GodPharm is a reliable partner to companies in the Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Agrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals industries. We provide world-class Active Ingredients, Intermediates and R&D services and solutions in a safe, secure and confidential manner.



Research and Development
GodPharm R&D Center is located in Shanghai. The Center collaborates with Israel Institute of Technology. We have an impressive R&D record. Our scientists have published several publications and received patents. They have developed several innovative and cost effective processes for several well known APIs.

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